What new parents are saying

"Nora is a very good listener, and adept at encouraging, and reinforcing our confidence as we grow into our role as new parents. Nora is particularly great at offering resources and education, but also reminding us that there is no single right way to parent, breastfeed or make decisions- what we do will be right for our family, and it will change as our daughter transitions to new stages."
- Kate K.
"She gave me so much confidence, tips and tricks, but most importantly the right mindset to breastfeed and support my family in ways that made sense for us... It was the mindset she helped me develop that helped me get through the hard parts and develop a super nurturing relationship with my little one - rather than one filled with stress."
- Christina Q.
"Nora understands that, as new parents, we sometimes (often?) have no idea what we are doing, and that this is normal and okay. She stays calm, offers help and support without judgment or talking down, is warm, kind, and just an overall lovely human being. She created a safe space for me to be at my most vulnerable and overwhelmed, and was there with us to celebrate the joys and successes, too."
- Rachel F.

For more kind words and descriptions of how my support has helped parents of new babies, please check out my reviews on Doulamatch.net.

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