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Becoming a parent is a special and amazing time. It is also transformational. The world may look and feel really different when you become a parent. You may feel joyful and excited, as well as taken aback, unsure and like a complete beginner. In our time together, I will help you sift through the changes to focus on what is important to you. Whether it’s learning to nurture your baby, or thinking about ways to continue to care for yourself now that you are a parent, I can help.


Get Ready

Becoming a parent is a big deal! Preparing for this transition means thinking beyond the hospital bag and baby gear to consider what your life will be like after your baby is born. (Hint: it’s not all about the baby!) Putting the work in now can help make it easier to move through the changes you encounter in your life as a new parent.

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Postpartum Planning Workshop (online)

In this semi-private online session, I will guide you to think about what you hope life will be like during your postpartum period. From who’s cooking dinner to holding realistic expectations, we’ll talk about what this time in your life might look like and strategies and tools you can have at the ready to feel confident, supported, and joyful in your early days as a new parent.

Cost: $65 per family for one 2-hour workshop (via video call, 3 families maximum per session)

Workshop Dates:

Sunday, May 22nd, 2022, 1:30-3:30pm

This workshop is for you if you would like to explore more about your expectations in becoming a parent, you want to think about the support you can line up ahead of time, and you want to plan for positive experiences while considering how you might navigate the waters if (and when!) the going gets a little rough.

This is not a class that will teach you how to swaddle your baby or achieve a perfect latch in breast/bodyfeeding. But, it will prompt you to think openly and creatively about your upcoming step into parenthood and what could help it go well. This thought beforehand will help make the day-to-day of whatever comes your way that much easier to tackle when you are in the thick of it.

(Please contact me if you would like to schedule this as private session.)


Welcoming your new love

Welcoming a new baby can be a joyful time. It is also a sensitive and vulnerable time. It can feel isolating and confusing when unexpected things happen. Or,  emotions come up that you feel unsure about. Having someone by your side to help you navigate these new situations can be a relief. In our time together, I provide emotional, educational, and practical support as you learn about your baby. I take your lead to support what matters to you as you start to develop your own parenting style.

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The First 10 Days

Would you like to know you have someone to call in the early days with your new baby? In this bundle, I offer you five 1-hour sessions via video chat or phone within the first ten days of your baby’s life. This is your chance to ask questions about your baby, your own well-being, and postpartum recovery as you begin your parenting journey.

Cost: $175 (five 1-hour calls)

Virtual Consultation (1 hour)

Are you in the early days of parenthood and looking for information, guidance, or reassurance? Do you have questions about your baby or your life with your new baby? I meet with you via video chat or phone to offer you information, support, and encouragement for the beginning of your journey with your new baby.

Rate: $40/hour

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In-Home Support (Daytime, Hourly)

Do you want someone by your side in the early days while you learn about caring for your baby, recover from the birth, and begin your transition into your role as a parent? Would it bring you comfort to know you have someone to talk while you process your experience? With my daytime in-person support, I come to your home to support your family as you transition to life with a new baby. The support I provide is focused toward emotional and informational support as your family is settling in to your life with your newest little one. 

Rate: $45/hour


Infant Sleep Support

Falling asleep on your own with ease is a developmental milestone, just like rolling over, walking, or singing the alphabet. And, like all milestones, it is easiest met when a child is ready. But, the mismatch between the way a baby sleeps and the way an adult sleeps can be rough on parents.

My approach in working with your family around sleep is to help you learn about your baby’s physiological needs, to support you to optimize your baby’s sleep, and to guide you to support for your own needs. Basically, I help you figure out how you can get more rest, even if your baby is still, well, sleeping like a baby! It is based in education, ideas, strategies and support – not in outcomes like getting your baby to “sleep through the night in 2 weeks”. 

Infant and Family Sleep Consultation

If you are feeling exhausted, frustrated, or overwhelmed, we can work together to create a developmentally appropriate and responsive care plan for your family. During our time together, I will help you to identify ways you can get rest, even if your baby continues to sleep like a normal, healthy baby.

I do not provide plans that include baby behavior modification (“sleep training”). Instead, we work together to use what we know about infant brain development and sleep biology to optimize your baby’s sleep. We also explore the ways you as a parent can find support to meet your own needs.

Cost: $325 for one 60-90 minute consultation, a customized family sleep strategy, and one 60 minute follow up appointment. (Further consultations may be necessary, depending on your family’s situation.)

Do you have questions?

Currently, most of my support is virtual (via video and phone call). However, I now have limited availability for in-home support at San Francisco Bay Area peninsula locations.  

Some families prefer a bit of support, others simply want a call or two to feel they are managing well. I look forward to speaking to you to see how I can support your family’s transition during this special time. 

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