Postpartum support

Welcoming your new love

Becoming a parent is a momentous and transformational time. You may feel joyful and excited, as well as taken aback, unsure, and like a complete beginner. Indeed, you may find the world looks and feels really different. This is a sensitive and vulnerable time. Often, it can feel isolating and confusing. Having someone by your side to help you navigate these new situations can be a relief. In our time together, I can help you sift through the changes to focus on what is important to you. Whether it’s learning to nurture your baby, or thinking about ways to continue to care for yourself now that you are a parent, I can help.

In-Home, In-Person support

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Daytime In-Home Support

Do you want someone by your side in the early days while you learn about feeding and caring for your baby, recover from the birth, and begin your transition into your role as a parent? Would it bring you comfort to know you have someone to talk while you process your experience? With my daytime in-person support, I come to your home to support your family as you transition to life with a new baby. The support I offer is focused toward emotional and informational support as your family is settling in to your life with your newest little one. 

10 Hours Postpartum Support


For when you want a light touch of extra support and guidance in the first couple weeks of your baby’s life.

25 Hours Postpartum Support


For when you want a semi-regular touchpoint of care and support during the first month of your baby’s life.


60 Hours Postpartum Support


For a longer relationship of supportive guidance as you journey further into your new normal during the first four months of your baby’s life. 

All of my in-home support includes:

  • 1x 1-hour prenatal video call or meeting to discuss postpartum planning (when booked before your baby is born)
  • My availability from 39 weeks gestation, based on your EDD (when booked before your baby is born)
  • In-home daytime support after the birth of your baby to support you as you transition into a larger family
  • The option to add additional hours during the contract period at the rate of $60/hour, pending my availability.

If the above packages do not reflect the amount of support you are looking for, please get in touch. Where available, I am happy to accommodate bespoke contracts of your own design at a rate of $65/hour.

Virtual support

The First 10 Days

Would you like to know you have someone to call in the early days with your new baby? In this bundle, I offer you five 1-hour sessions via video chat or phone within the first ten days of your baby’s life. This is your chance to ask questions about your baby, your own well-being, and postpartum recovery as you begin your parenting journey.

Cost: $175 (five 1-hour calls)

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Virtual Consultation (1 hour)

Are you in the early days of parenthood and looking for information, guidance, or reassurance? Do you have questions about your baby or your life with your new baby? I meet with you via video chat or phone to offer you information, support, and encouragement for the beginning of your journey with your new baby.

Cost: $45/hour

Do you have questions?

I provide daytime in-home postpartum support to families living along the San Francisco Bay Area peninsula between Burlingame and Palo Alto, CA. (I can occasionally travel outside of this core area.) Virtual support (via video call) is available to families living outside of this area. 

Some families prefer more support, others simply want a session or two to feel they are managing well. I look forward to speaking to you to see how I can support your family’s transition during this special time. 

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