Postpartum Doula Support

As a postpartum doula, I provide emotional, educational and practical support as you discover your own early parenting approach. A postpartum doula can help when:

  • you are not yet feeling confident about caring for a newborn baby
  • your family does not have local family and friends to help you get settled in
  • you are looking for ideas on how to transition into life with a baby and older siblings
  • the birthing person had a challenging birth, or other unexpected circumstances
  • you had a great birth experience, and want some extra help during recovery and healing

Virtual Consultation

Are you in the early days of parenthood and looking for information, guidance, and reassurance? I am happy to meet with you via video chat or phone to offer you tips, tricks and encouragement for the beginning of your journey.

Rate: $40/hour (maximum 2 hours per meeting, no minimum hours of support required)

The First 10 Days

Would you like to know you have someone to call in the early days home with your new baby? In this bundle, I offer your family five 1-hour sessions via video chat or phone support within the first ten days of your baby’s life to provide you information, emotional support and a chance to ask questions about feeding, baby care, and postpartum recovery.

$175 for five 1-hour calls

New Parent Online Support Group

Would you like to connect with other parents without leaving home? I am now enrolling a New Parent Online Support Group to serve as a place of connection for parents with new babies from 0-3 months old. In this group, we will come together via video chat twice a week for four weeks. I will welcome you and open each session with a short 10-15 minute discussion on a new baby topic (accessing support while social distancing, what you really want to know about breastfeeding now that you have your baby in arms, infant brain development, everyone’s sleep – or the lack thereof and how you can support yourself through this time, etc). The rest of each 1.5-hour session will be a space for new parents to share, connect and ask questions about your transition into life with a new baby.

$120 for a 8-session course, please register your interest here

Postpartum Planning Session

You are expecting a baby. Or babies! Becoming a parent is a joyful, exciting, nerve-wracking, and challenging time. Sometimes all at once. Have you spent hours learning about childbirth and thinking about how you want to welcome your baby into this world? Great, because that is super important! But, just as important is taking some time to plan for what happens after the birth and you dive headfirst into parenting. The birth is just the beginning.

In this private session, I will help you think about the practical and emotional strategies and tools you can have at the ready to help you feel confident and supported in your postpartum period.

$125 for one 1.5-hour session (in-home sessions currently unavailable, but I am happy to book a virtual session via Zoom)

Postpartum Hourly Support (currently unavailable due to local Department of Public Health restrictions)

Some families want just a little support, other families want more.

I offer daytime postpartum doula support that can run anywhere from 2-6 hours at a time. This can be a short-term contract to help you settle in once you’ve welcomed your baby into the world. Or, it can flow across the first few months of your baby’s life, depending on your family’s need.

I connect with families prenatally and also after your baby is born, up until your baby is about 3 months old.

Rate: $40/hour

Do you have questions?

I look forward to speaking with you to see how my support can help make your family’s transition that little bit smoother during this special time.

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