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As your baby grows...

Falling asleep on your own with ease is a developmental milestone, just like rolling over, walking, or singing the alphabet. And, like all milestones, it is easiest met when a child is ready. But, the mismatch between the way a baby sleeps and the way an adult sleeps can be rough on parents.

My approach in working with your family around sleep is to help you learn about your baby’s physiological needs, to support you to optimize your baby’s sleep, and to guide you to support for your own needs. Basically, I help you figure out how you can get more rest, even if your baby is still, well, sleeping like a baby! It is based in education, ideas, strategies and support – not in outcomes like getting your baby to “sleep through the night in 2 weeks”. 

Infant and Family Sleep Consultation

If you are feeling exhausted, frustrated, or overwhelmed, we can work together to create a developmentally appropriate and responsive care plan for your family. During our time together, I will help you to identify ways you can get rest, even if your baby continues to sleep like a normal, healthy baby.

I do not provide plans that include baby behavior modification (“sleep training”). Instead, we work together to use what we know about infant brain development and sleep biology to optimize your baby’s sleep. We also explore the ways you as a parent can find support to meet your own needs.

Cost: $325 for one 60-90 minute consultation, a customized family sleep strategy, and one 60 minute follow up appointment. (Further consultations may be necessary, depending on your family’s situation.)

Do you have questions?

Infant and family sleep is not always straight-forward. Neither are the services and programs out there designed to help families get more rest. Let’s talk to see if what I offer might be right for you! 

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