Infant Sleep Education and Support

Falling asleep on your own with ease is a developmental milestone, just like rolling over, walking, or singing the alphabet. And, like all milestones, it is easiest met when a child is developmentally ready. However, beyond simply struggling it out, there are things we can understand and do as to pave the path to healthy family sleep.

As an infant sleep educator, I provide families with education to make informed choices regarding infant and family sleep. I help families who do not want to sleep train to think about strategies to get what they need (whether it be more rest, more time to themselves, more time with their partners), without changing their baby’s behavior as a means to do so. This approach is based in neuroscience, responsive parenting and is mental health-informed. I provide coaching and education on infant brain development and sleep biology, ways to optimize infant sleep, how to hold realistic expectations and how to emotionally regulate and find support as caregivers. 

My approach in working with your family is to help you learn about your baby’s physiological needs, to support you to optimize your baby’s sleep and to guide you to support for your own needs (e.g., figure out how you can get more rest, even if your baby is still, well, sleeping like a baby). It is based in education, ideas, strategies and support – not in outcomes like getting your baby to “sleep through the night in 2 weeks”. My goal is to help you feel that you have what you need to be ready and able to respond to your baby when they need you, day and night.

Infant Sleep Consultation (via Phone or Video Call)

Are you sleep-deprived, but you don’t feel sleep training is right for your parenting approach? Or, have you tried sleep training, but it didn’t work?

If you are feeling exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed or angry, I can help you create a developmentally appropriate, responsive parenting-based plan for your family that will help you get more of the rest you crave.

$325 for one 60-90 minute consultation, a customized family sleep strategy, and one 60 minute follow up appointment. (Further consultations may be necessary, depending on your family’s situation.)

Prenatal Infant Sleep Education

Do you want to learn more about normal infant sleep? In this private session, we will talk about infant brain development, infant sleep biology, safe sleep environments, realistic expectations and how to support yourself practically and emotionally as a caregiver as you take care of your baby.

$175 for one 2-hour session (via video call such as Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet)

Do you have questions?

I look forward to speaking with you to discuss whether my support can help your family meet your baby’s needs and get the rest you need to feel healthy and well.