Congratulations! Becoming a parent is a special and amazing time. It is also transformational. The world may look and feel really different when you become a parent. You may feel joyful and excited, as well as taken aback, unsure and like a complete beginner. In our time together, I will help you sift through the overwhelm to focus on what is important to you, whether it’s learning to nurture your baby, or thinking of ways to continue to care for yourself now that you are a parent.

Whether you are looking for support after your baby is born, or to check-in beforehand to prepare yourself for the parenting road ahead, I’d love to chat to see if my support would be valuable to your family as you welcome your newest family member. My hope is that you will feel that your family has strategies and ideas to provide nurturing care to your baby, as well as to meet your own parental needs. That you will step into parenting relaxed, supported, and more confident to become the parent you wish to be.