Congratulations! Becoming a parent is a special and amazing time. It is also a transformational period when you might look to others for support, information and a boost of confidence. As a postpartum doula, lactation educator counselor and infant sleep educator, I can support your family in a variety of ways in the days and months after your baby’s birth.

When I am working with you, my focus is to ease your mind as you get to know your baby. We’ll chat about your feelings and questions. I’ll help you troubleshoot feeding issues so that you can feel comfortable that things are working right. I’ll help you understand your baby’s sleep so that you can feel assured your baby is, in fact, sleeping like a baby. My aim is to help you feel that your family has strategies and ideas to provide nurturing care to your baby, as well as to meet your own parental needs.

Whether you are looking for support after your baby is born, or education beforehand to prepare yourself for the parenting road ahead, let’s chat to see if my support would be valuable to your family as you learn to care for your newest family member.