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“Knowing that we have the strength to survive those moments, and come out on the other side with new information, new ideas, new habits, new skills –
that’s how we get braver with our lives, and with our hearts.”

– Brené Brown

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Birth is the beginning - What's next?

Congratulations! Your family is growing. And, as momentous as the birth of your baby is, this transformative event is only the start of your adventure.

Next up? Your life with a baby. What else? Your self as a parent.

Joy and amazement meet uncertainty and doubt. Becoming a parent changes you – your roles, your relationships with those around you and your relationship with yourself. It may take a little while to clear the haze of this new existence and find your footing as you begin to understand your baby and grow into your self as a parent. That’s okay. That’s normal.

I can help. Postpartum doula support in the early weeks and months of parenthood can make all the difference. Let’s talk to see how I can support you during this transformative time.

Do you want to feel confident to nurture
your new baby?

Do you want to feel supported as you learn and evolve in the early days of parenthood?

I help new parents navigate the dynamic and shifting landscape of new parenthood. 

Whether you are looking for support after your baby is born, or beforehand to prepare yourself for the parenting road ahead, I can help. As your postpartum doula, I help your family identify approaches that feel right to you. Together, we come up with ideas that will help you provide nurturing care to your baby, as well as to meet your own parental needs in this time of beautiful and intense change. 

POSTPARTUM DOULA Support for growing families

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New parent workshops

You are expecting a new little one. Let’s talk ahead of time about the things that could make this time go well for you.

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Postpartum Doula Support

Your baby is here. You are looking for support as you learn to nurture your baby and take care of yourself as a new parent, too.

Infant Sleep Support

Your sweet one sleeps like a baby. You aren’t getting any sleep, but you’d like to. Let’s chat to see what could help you get more rest?

What new parents are saying


"We were able to stay cozy and still get consistent, supportive care from Nora while we all stayed safe. Virtual support didn't hinder our connection with Nora at all. Video calls were comfortable and easy."
- Kate
"Nora was fantastic. She is reliable, knowledgeable, caring, gentle, and calm."
- Jacqueline
"We couldn't have enough wonderful things to say about Nora! She is knowledgeable, insightful, supportive and does an incredible job to give you the support you need."
- Christina
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I'm here for you

Do you want to step into life with your new baby more relaxed, supported, and confident to become the parent you wish to be? Do you want to be held and supported as you join the parts of yourself from pre-parenthood with the newly emerging parts of yourself as parent? I would love to chat to see how working together would support you as you learn to navigate the world with your newest family member.

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